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Alocasia, also known as the Elephant Ear or African Mask, is a unique genus of tropical plants native to Asia. These plants are known for their unique, other-worldly foliage, which come in a variety of shapes and colors. We are excited to say that we will have several varieties of Alocasia available when our website goes live! These plants are recommended for intermediate & well-versed plant parents, as they are known to be a bit dramatic. Here are some pointers on how to care for these strange, alienesque beauties ~

↠ Light: Light requirements can vary depending on species, however, as a general rule avoid too much direct light and also too much shade. These plants tend to prefer a happy medium.

↠ Water: Alocasia varieties must have their soil kept damp during the active growing season. Don’t let these plants dry out, but also do not let them sit in soggy soil, as they are prone to root rot! These plants prefer a little bit of water frequently, as opposed to a lot of water at once. 

↠ Humidity: Alocasia plants do best in moderate to high humidity. We would highly recommend keeping these plants in a room near a humidifier!

↠ Feeding: A monthly feeding of a diluted fertilizer solution should be more than enough! Don’t worry about fertilizing in the winter when the plant enters a dormancy period. 

☆ Note: These plants may die back before entering a period of dormancy. This is normal! A die-back dormancy is when everything above the soil dies off. New growth should emerge in the spring when the growing season begins.

Happy cultivation, plant friends! 🌿

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