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Hoyas, also known as ‘wax plants’, are a wonderful option for new plant parents. Let's talk about why! Most people have seen a Hoya before, perhaps in their grandmother's home.


This common variety is typically called Hoya carnosa. They have long green vining strands that like to climb trellises or the walls in your home or hang down and trail beautifully to your floor. With that said, there are hundreds of other species/cultivars to collect and cultivate. This makes it extremely fun because once you have one, you just want more!


Each species has its own unique foliage form/characteristics and its own unique beautiful blooms. When given favorable growing conditions, Hoya will bloom with several tiny flowers from a form called a ‘peduncle’. These tiny, elaborate flowers have lovely smells that are unique to each species. They range from vanilla to cinnamon to buttered popcorn and beyond.


Another reason these plants are so beloved by houseplant hobbyists, is that these beauties have thick, succulent, and waxy leaves that are generally pretty drought tolerant. If you are a chronic underwaterer, these plants would be a great choice. They are also very adaptive to varying light conditions because in their native habitats they usually are living epiphytically (growing on other plants/trees) in the lower forest/jungle canopy.


We recommend hoyas to many of our first time plant owners because once you get the hang of one type, you'll end up wanting to add more to your home! Happy cultivation loves!

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