Leaf Loss

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Ahhhh, the last song of summer has finally been sung. The leaves on the trees are turning, the weather is cooling off, and your little home jungle may start to slow down and reflect these changes as well.
Leaf loss is a common and unavoidable part of being a plant parent. Sometimes it is due to under/over watering, and sometimes it’s just part of the changing seasons. Our plants are excellent at taking care of themselves, and in the cooler months with their shorter and darker days, our plants may drop leaves so that they have less foliage to maintain.
Don’t fret sweet angels, they will make a full comeback when spring and summer return to us again. Just like us, it’s time for them to hibernate (in the plant world we call this dormancy) for a while and when it’s time for things to come alive with growth again, we will too. 🌿✨

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