PFAP Plant Guides: Ficus Ruby

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One of our most popular sellers since we launched PFAP is the gorgeous green and white Ficus ‘Tinieke’ with its stunning painterly variegation. The one pictured here, however, is it’s breathtaking sister, the Ficus ‘Ruby’. ❤️🌿
These plants aren’t too finicky, but they do like to be left alone! Don’t move them too much and avoid watering them too heavily. They like to dry out and to be kept in warmer temps. If a doting plant parent thinks they’re helping out by watering too much or moving it around, Ficus ‘Ruby’ may lose some of its leaves. If you prefer a low maintenance plant, this one may be for you. Find it a bright spot with indirect light, a few feet back from a south facing window perhaps, and it will grow and grow.
These plants can become very tall and eventually need to be staked to keep them happy and upright. But wow, do they fill a space with warmth! Happy cultivation, plant lovies! 💚🌿

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