Snake Plant 101

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This one goes out to our notorious plant killers! Do you travel a lot? Do you forget to water your plants because life is busy as heck? A sweet Sansevieria baby will forgive you and love you anyways.
Sansevieria are also known as Snake plants or Mother in Law tongue, due to their sharp, pointy, and sometimes spiky leaves. These babies won’t tolerate direct sunlight but they will love anything else you give them. Low light? Fine. Bright, indirect light? Absolutely. These gorgeous plants are really the MVPs of the plant world. They are willing to thrive in just about any conditions you place them in. In addition to being very easy to care for, these plants are super easy to propagate. They will put out ‘pups’, or baby plants, that you can cut off from the mother plant and easily reroot. One plant can quickly become several and you will end up with a house full of Sansevieria!
Happy cultivation, plant friends! 🌿💚⠀

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