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Winter is coming. Shorter days, less light, more clouds, drier air in our homes… all a recipe for disaster for our plant babies! Many of the seasonal changes we experience create an environment that makes it easier for our plants to suffer. Y'all asked how to change up your plant care in the winter to keep your babies happy, so here are some great tips:⁣
❄️ Move plants closer to windows so they can take advantage of any sunlight available to them.⁣
❄️ Keep foliage clean for the same aforementioned reason.⁣
❄️ Add supplemental lighting (we will be doing a separate post on this, coming soon...)⁣
❄️ Keep your plants away from areas where they might experience drastic changes in temperature (not near doors or leaky windows or heaters.)⁣
❄️ If you’re running a heater, be sure to supplement humidity for your tropical plants by using a humidifier in areas where you keep them.⁣
❄️ Do NOT overwater!! Less light = less water utilization. Be sure to use your finger and insert it at least 2 inches into your soil to assess if your plant really needs to be watered.⁣
❄️ Fertilizer? We always recommend fertilizing your plants when you see active growth. Is your plant putting out new leaves in the middle of January? Yes hunny, get it! And also fertilize it. 😉
❄️ Winter growth can become leggy. If you see this happening, pinch off leggy growth to encourage more of a bushy or compact growth pattern.⁣
❄️ Last but not least, try your hardest to NOT repot during the fall and winter months. Save it for spring when growth is active so your plant can bounce back much more easily!⁣
All of these tips will help keep your little jungle at it’s happiest through the colder months of the year. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Keep warm and keep cultivating pals! 💚🌿

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